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Coffee and RSI – relationship

A question on this FB group that I satarted

What do you think about coffee? I'm reading "The cafferine blues" and I've quit coffee ten days ago. I feel much less tired, although my pains are still there.

My response

A simple control experiment. I used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee (including two cups of tea) each day before the RSI cure I've outlined at and continue to drink so today. More than 12 years.

The only thing that has changed is the way I undertake the PHYSICAL cure. Plus I can work (both reading and writing – on the computer) at least 14 hours a day – at the level which "caused" the problem.

Coffee has many health benefits as well. 

My scientific conclusion (since there is a LOT of junk science in this world) – coffee has NO effect on RSI. 

Further, there should be a correlation between coffee drinkers (billions of people) and RSI. There isn't. It is ALL due to muscle tightening (micro-spasms).


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