About me

My name is Sanjeev Sabhlok and I am a long standing patient of RSI. I got it in late 1998, and VERY badly. It continues till today with me, but I now know how to manage it very actively. This is the link to my main blog which also provides other information on me, should you be interested. 

My objective for this website: My intent is to advance knowledge on this subject, particularly given the unimaginable ignorance in the 'medical' professions (quacks I think they are: I'm very angry with doctors and other 'medical' professionals) about RSI.

Therefore, on this website I share the knowledge I have gained through my extremely painful learning experiences with RSI. If this information can help any wandering soul suffering even remotely close to what I've gone through, I'd feel that I've made a positive contribution to this world.

DISCLAIMER: Use the advice on this website only if it makes sense to you. It does to me. 


Proposed structure for my book on RSI

5 pages: Why do so few people understand RSI?

5: Does it have to do with the mind?

10: My experience and key learnings.

10: The cause – with anatomical diagrams

50: The solution (full package on the internet with details)

This is very early days. I'm not able to find time to devote to this book project. So this will evolve as I start writing the book.