Solutions Recommended

a) Myotherapy

My genius myotherapist’s name is Peter Prskalo – I remain indebted to him for life. Read about trigger points and understand what happens to your muscles when they get tired from overwork. {After over 7 years of intensive therapy, I’ve managed without myotherapy since early 2009: no more torture sessions; what a relief!}

b) Yoga and Pilates

While the specialties of Pilates and Yoga do not know anything about this problem, their methods are extremely useful in conjunction with myotherapy. (My Clinical Pilates instructor: Ingrid Lamb, Yoga instructors: Chitra Stern of Integral Yoga, Adrianne Cook; yoga-pilates Maggie Flanagan + many others: since September 2009 I take yoga classes in Doncaster acquarena).

c) Swimming

Do the backstroke – strengthens the shoulders. Been doing since August 2007, about thrice a week.

Other things: Your typing posture is important as well – but not as important as stretching your muscles and keeping them strong and supple.